Restaurants offer the average consumer the ability to have food made for them in a short period of time. It saves you from having to stand hours before the stove to cook for the family and gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy a nice meal. A restaurant is also a get-together location for many people. A recent survey shows that 90% of customers find restaurants enjoyable. As a restaurant owner, it is important to have promotional items to encourage return visits, with outdoor tableware serving as a great choice.


Promotional Products as a Marketing Strategy

Statistics show that almost 80% of millennials go to a restaurant for the experience, not just the food, which can give a glimpse of how important it is to focus on promotion and the customer during your marketing strategies. This also brings about several opportunities for restaurant owners to use word-of-mouth advertising as a way of bringing in more hungry customers. When customers take these products home, they essentially serve as free advertisements for your restaurant.


Why Should You Use Custom Outdoor Tableware as the Promotional Gift

There are different types of promotional gifts that you can provide to your costumes, but outdoor tableware remains a particularly good choice. People often use outdoor events as a get-together with friends and family, which makes this the ideal opportunity to promote your restaurant at a customer’s home. Some of the main benefits of outdoor tableware as a promotional item include the following:

  • Outdoor tableware is practical and functional. This is something that customers use on a regular basis, especially when they decide to have a barbeque or another event at their home.
  • Using an outdoor tableware set as a promotional gift represents a blessing for customers, and they would love to receive such a gift.
  • Brand recognition is another major benefit. You have a restaurant, which means you are in the business of food. Customers will use the outdoor tableware you offer them when they prepare or serve up the food that they have prepared.


Golfe Promotional Items for Your Restaurant

Golfe prides itself in providing some of the best promotional gifts that restaurants can use to impress their customers. If you are looking for an outdoor tableware set that you can use for promotional purposes, then be sure to consider the two recommendations we share below:


  1. Durable Hot Sales Wheat Straw Biodegradable EcoFriendly Lunch Box with Fork Spoon

A multifunctional kit that is great for those outdoor trips with a couple of friends. This set includes a box, as well as a set with a fork, knife, and spoon. The entire set uses biodegradable materials in its construction. This also helps to promote an eco-friendly feel for your business when you use these sets as promotional gifts for your customers. The items in the set are free of BPA, and the utensil set uses food-grade plastic materials in its construction. They are easy to clean, and the lunch box offers a spacious interior. When customers use this custom lunchbox with your restaurant’s logo at the company, your restaurant will be widely known by their colleagues, thereby attracting more potential customers.


outdoor dinnerware


  1. White Melamite Plate

Another highly customizable option that’s great for a promotional gift is a set of white melamine plates. This set features three different size options that you are able to choose from. They are great for serving food at the restaurant and as an outdoor tableware gift. With your brand’s details printed on the plate, everyone will be reminded of the delicious food you serve when they eat out of this outdoor dining tableware.

melamine outdoor dinnerware



Golfe is a manufacturer of various kitchen and tableware items. We also specialize in customized solutions that are ideal for businesses. Restaurants can use Golfe’s promotional items as a means of advertising their business by providing outdoor tableware gifts to customers. There is a wide selection of appropriate options that restaurant owners can choose from, which ensures you can find something that fits your company’s style.